Never too Late to Experience Freedom

Reserve this date! Free Lecture – 2:00 pm Sunday, June 18

You, family and friends are invited to a Christian Science lecture presented by First Church of Christ Scientist, Deland, Florida. The lecture will be held at Deland City Hall – at the corner of W. New York Avenue and S. Florida Avenue, 32720.

The lecture titled, “Never too late to experience freedom” will be given by Patricia Woodward CS, a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

“What is it that gives this kind of lift to our lives? Good news, for one thing.”

“What we’re looking for,” says Ms. Woodard, “is a view that uplifts our thoughts, changing our perspective to one that makes a difference for the better, that heals. To me, this is what Christian Science is about: finding a spiritual perspective of God that reveals the goodness, wellness, and freedom flowing from God every day, helping those take tangible and reliable shape in our lives and the lives of others. That’s the ultimate good news! And what better news than the promise that health and freedom can be ours today. Yes, today!”

Plenty of parking will be available, and child care will be provided. For more information you can call 386-734-6547 or visit:

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